The Texas Citizen Journal Officially Launches

New Waverly, Texas

With the mission of bringing truth and integrity back to journalism, a new online media platform has been launched to serve Conroe, Huntsville, The Woodlands, and surrounding communities. The Citizen Journal’s two main stated goals are to (1) “serve the public by providing fact-based and reliable reporting on breaking news events”, and (2) “offer thoughtful and reasonable commentary and analysis on major events and issues and their impact on our lives”.

“The mainstream media in this country has become irredeemably biased and agenda-driven,” said Reagan Reed, founder and editor of the Citizen Journal. “Much of this nation’s ills, and our loss of any meaningful political dialog, can be attributed to our toxic media culture.”

“I am starting the Citizen Journal as an antidote to the mainstream media,” said Reed. “I believe there is a market out there for serious, no-spin journalism.”

The Citizen Journal and its publisher make no secret of the fact that it is coming from a center-right perspective (with libertarian sympathies). However, the news and commentary will be separate. “You are never going to completely escape bias,” explained Reed. “To be human is to be biased. The goal should be to acknowledge where you are coming from up front and be constantly checking your own bias, comparing many different sources. In breaking news articles, the Citizen Journal will strive to be as objective as humanly possible.”

That doesn’t mean the Citizen Journal will not offer plenty of commentary and opinion however. It will feature both in the form of editorials and outside opinion pieces from guest authors of many different perspectives on different issues.

Although the Citizen Journal will cover national, state, and even global events, Reed said that the focus will be local. “Local is the most important. There’s not much you can do as an average citizen to impact events in D.C. Your own backyard, your local community, is where you can have the greatest impact and do the most good for your neighbors.”

The Citizen Journal exists to serve you, and welcomes any questions or feedback. “I don’t have all the answers,” said Reed. “I still have a lot to learn. I promise to always have an ear to listen and serve, and I welcome your thoughts and feedback.”

You can contact the editor anytime by cell phone at 936-777-0743 or by email at

Citizen Journal Editor, Reagan Reed

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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