Why This First-time Voter Isn’t Supporting Abbott

Commentary: Konner Earnest

Why will I not be voting for Greg Abbott in the first gubernatorial election I will be eligible to vote in?

  • His willingness to use imminent domain to build a high speed rail and his cooperation with the Japanese government in trying to get one built.
  • His overuse of executive orders. For example, using an executive order to nullify another executive order.
  • Freezing the city of Austin’s taxes after they voted to defund the police with the intent of bleeding Austin City Council dry. But ended up rewarding the voters who voted them into office in the first place.
  • The appointments he has had to Energy Reliability Council of Texas, Texas Education Agency, and the San Jacinto River Authority.
  • How hard he has pandered to the left on issues like police reform when he went to George Floyd’s funeral saying we need to pass the Justice in Policing Act in congress, bail reform, prioritizing rural broadband before anything else. He will probably be on the cannabis reform boat too here soon enough if he is not already.
  • Not only lobbies and offers sweet deals for big companies like Charles Schwab, Tesla, Google, Oracle, and HP to move to this great state but publicly celebrates when they decide to move here. Not having any care about who they’re bringing here or how they’re business will effect the state.
  • He has all the power to do something about the border and talks a lot about the Biden admin needing to do something when he could be doing something.
  • Signed the texting and driving ban without having any of the consequences in mind. Including the fact that people are more likely to continue to text and drive but do it looking down instead of keeping their phone at windshield level, which causes drivers to be more distracted and more likely to get into an accident. Real conservatives think of the outcome and not the intentions.
  • Because he pencils in the positions of DeSantis on his calendar and takes the same action five days later. We need a governor who leads and fulfills his campaign promises.

“All bark no bite.” — Abbott 2022

Konner Earnest: Konner is the founder and first president of the Turning Point USA chapter at The Woodlands Highschool, from which he recently graduated.

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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