Coats Debunks Claim of 20,000 Fraudulent Votes in Montgomery County

Robert Coats: Guest Commentary

I love getting e-mails about broad potential voting numeric analysis that have no understanding of election procedures in particular counties in Texas. In Montgomery County, Texas a particularly inaccurate group is claiming that there are potentially 20,000 votes that could be suspect in the 2020 Election.

Our county is controlled exclusively by those with Rs’ behind their names-that doesn’t make them conservatives but that is beside the point. These maximum shock value analytics are the modern equivalent of click bait, echo chamber hustlers. They are full of it for this reason: Unless you know the particular landscape of a county in Texas and how they do their election procedures, judge training and ballot board process, analytics can be highly speculative and beyond total B.S.

Remember how they told Trump that there could be over 2.5 million deaths unless we went on lockdown, but that has not materialized and now they say we must wear masks indoors? I never buy these kind of maximum shock value numbers when politicians and government agencies use that as a shock tactic to achieve compliance.

Election Integrity legislation that is not watered down is the answer. We lose credibility as leaders when we rely on vacuous claims about probability. Probabilities often are devoid of reason, and in this era are often designed merely to stir the pot. Be wary of such claims! Investigate your local election central with respect, and ask pointed questions about gaps in the process and voting equipment and systems. But be leery of making such claims because credibility is important in achieving legislative victories on preventative legislation.

I actually know there are procedural and technical proof of election fraud in various parts of the country. It is the height of false witnessing to say it’s true in Montgomery County, Texas. Our ballot board process is the envy of bipartisanship across the state of Texas. Do not believe in maximum analysis claims which have no demonstrable proof on the actual ground. If you want to help on Election Integrity issues in the Houston metro, investigate voter groups and expose them in neighboring Harris County who are now coming into this County but don’t believe the disinformation and misinformation of people who traffic in mere speculation- false witnessing!

I have received blowback from a few asking how I know that there aren’t 20,000 fraudulent votes in Montgomery County Texas. We have procedural and electronic voting systems safeguards in place to prevent such mayhem. We also have a system designed to prevent overvotes of individual voters. This unique feature is known by most election judges or they didn’t go into enough depth in their training or asked Election Central the questions they needed answered.

Suzie Harvey and her staff do an excellent job and need not be accused of wrong doing by anyone in our County. The margin in raw vote for President Trump over Joe Biden was huge. Speculative speakers and resources that are presented as fact to those who reside in this county are oftentimes hopeful sentiment that does not exist in reality. I wish some of the analysis was true. I reside in integrity as someone who went to other states and is unwilling to speculate.

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

One thought on “Coats Debunks Claim of 20,000 Fraudulent Votes in Montgomery County

  1. Who is debunking who? There is only ONE way to determine the truth about election integrity past and present – Full Forensic Audits.


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