Brady Defends Congressional Redistricting Map on Conference Call

Retiring Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) has reportedly been running interference on behalf of GOP leadership’s redistricting plan. The outgoing congressman weighed in on the plan to split Montgomery County between two districts on a recent conference call with some members of local Republican women’s groups.

According to multiple sources who were on the call, Brady urged his constituents to support the maps in an attempt to do damage control after the proposal incurred backlash among some Republicans in his district.

The proposed maps have garnered substantial opposition from people in Montgomery County, who are concerned the county would significantly lose influence in D.C. if it is split up. The Woodlands and East County would be moved into Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s CD-02, while the rest of the county would remain in CD-08, which will be an open seat with Brady’s retirement. Montgomery County would not constitute a majority in either of the new districts: it would comprise 44% of the population in CD-02 and only 37% in the new CD-08.

Proposed congressional redistricting map

A source who was on the call told the Texas Citizen Journal that Brady said the redistricting plan would “keep Texas red” and that Montgomery County needs to, “take one for the team.” He urged those on the call to “look at the big picture” since he believes the new maps would be good for the state.

Sources say that Brady also argued the plan would be good for Montgomery County, quipping that, “two districts are better than one.” He believes that heavily Republican Montgomery County could outvote the Harris County parts of the districts in the GOP primary. Brady reportedly said it was important for the legislature to pass the maps because if they didn’t then the redistricting process would go to federal court.

During the call, concern was raised about Crenshaw becoming the representative for a large portion of Montgomery County. Crenshaw has faced criticism from the right for supporting red-flag laws and being, in their opinion, insufficiently supportive of former president Donald Trump. Brady sought to allay concerns by telling those on the call “there’s a lot of misinformation” going around about Crenshaw.

Texas Citizen Journal has spoken off the record to multiple state legislators familiar with the redistricting process. The congressional redistricting maps were allegedly drawn up at the direction of Texas’ Republican congressional delegation, who all gave their assent to the maps before they were handed to Texas Senate Redistricting Committee Chair, State Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston). The two congressmen most involved in pushing the new maps are said to be Brady and Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX).

Many Texas House members are privately very unhappy that they were not consulted in the creation of the congressional map prior to it being filed in the senate. Multiple sources confirmed that the State House’s redistricting plan for the congressional district map, which have not yet been filed, could look very different from the one drawn up by congressional leadership that have been passed by the State Senate.

Texas Citizen Journal reached out to Brady’s office for comment regarding his position on redistricting and the conference call, but did not receive a response prior to publishing time. We will update the article if a response is received.

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Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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