Christian Collins is Running for Congress

It’s official: Christian Collins is running for U.S. Congress. In a highly anticipated announcement, the conservative activist, businessman, and political advisor revealed he is launching a campaign to succeed retiring Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) representing Texas’ 8th Congressional District.

Well known in conservative circles as the founder of the Texas Youth Summit, Collins has a long history of involvement in Republican politics, formerly serving as an aide to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and campaign manager and advisor to Brady. He has been widely considered to be a strong contender to replace his former boss representing the suburbs north of Houston in Congress.

Christian Collins: “A People’s Congressman”

Describing himself a someone who would be, “a people’s congressman,” Collins struck a decisively anti-establishment tone in his announcement:

“Many of you are tired of watching politicians that you’ve helped elect, who you thought shared your conservative values, start to sing a different tune once they get to Washington because they are blinded by their own ambition or bought by special interests,” said Collins. “I’ll be loyal to you- not to lobbyists, career politicians, or any party agenda that does not represent the will of the voters. A people’s congressman.”

As a conservative activist and organizer of the Texas Youth Summit, Collins is perhaps one of the most influential young conservatives in Texas. He describes his mission as being to, “reach and educate Gen-Z and Millennials with conservative principles and inspire them to join our older generations in the fight to save America.” The 2021 Texas Youth Summit was attended by over 2,000 people and features many of the most prominent names in GOP politics.

A young Collins with his father

A 6th generation Texan, Collins was born into what he describes as a, “big, conservative, Christian family.” He is the son of missionaries, and he often speaks of how growing up with his father being a pastor has impacted his faith. Collins says his life story in many ways has been the classic American dream. “I worked two jobs from high-school through grad school to afford my education,” he said.

Collins has a B.A. in Government from the University of Texas and an M.A. in Organizational Communication from Liberty University. He lives in Conroe, the heart of the 8th District.

In his campaign announcement video, Collins hit several hot-button conservative issues, including defending the unborn, securing the border, gun-rights, and elections. He pledges to fight “big tech censorship” and critical race theory, and back the military and police.

Collins with House Freedom Caucus leaders Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows

Collins’ anti-establishment message re-enforces something he has made clear through a number of actions in the lead up to announcing his campaign: He is not seeking to be the candidate of the lobbyists or the House’s GOP leadership in this race. In fact, he met with the leadership of the House Freedom Caucus a few months ago, and speaks highly of their members.

This would seem to indicate a difference in styles between Collins and Brady, his former boss, who was a member of GOP leadership. However, Collins has maintained good relationships with many local Brady supporters in the district. He has broad support from across the entire spectrum of the Republican Party in his own Montgomery County and surrounding counties.

Still, Collins has his work cut out for him. He will be up against all the money and influence the D.C. establishment can bring to bear. The 8th District will likely be redrawn to include Polk County and the western part of Harris County. While Collins is well known in GOP circles in Montgomery County, he will need to establish connections with voters in the new areas of the district.

If you ask Collins though, he is definitely up to the challenge. “I promise you this,” he said. “No one will work harder on the campaign trail, or as your congressman, than me.”

Collins is a staunch Trump supporter

You can learn more about Christian Collins by visiting his campaign website or social media pages below:




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Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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