Collins Announces Campaign Kick-off Event

After launching his campaign to represent Texas’ 8th District in Congress, conservative activists and GOP political operative Christian Collins has announced a date for his campaign kick-off event.

Massive campaign kick-off parties are somewhat of a right-of-passage in Montgomery County politics, and as a viable candidate for U.S. Congress, Collins’ event is sure to draw an eclectic assortment of local politicians, Republican Party leaders, and grassroots activists.

The kick-off event for the Collins for Congress campaign is being held on November 16, from 6-8:00 PM. It will be at Honor Cafe, which is quickly becoming one of Conroe’s most iconic establishments.

Collins is a longtime GOP political operative who previously worked for Sen. Ted Cruz and was Congressman Kevin Brady’s campaign manager. He has long been considered a top contender to replace his old boss, and Brady’s retirement has now created an open seat.

Collins has positioned himself as a populist conservative who is a fighter for the district and will not just go along to get along or do the bidding of lobbyists or House leadership.

“Many of you are tired of watching politicians that you’ve helped elect, who you thought shared your conservative values, start to sing a different tune once they get to Washington because they are blinded by their own ambition or bought by special interests,” said Collins. “I’ll be loyal to you- not to lobbyists, career politicians, or any party agenda that does not represent the will of the voters. A people’s congressman.”

Honor Cafe is a relatively new restaurant that is an example of entrepreneurship in Montgomery County’s dynamic economy. Not only is the food great, consisting largely of classic American fare, but by eating there diners are also supporting veterans. It is 100% veteran-owned.

“Honor Cafe leverages every functioning element of our business to actively encourage and grow support for our United States Veterans,” according to their website.

Patrons will experience a district military theme throughout the restaurant. Pictures of veterans and military artifacts hang on the walls. The tables even feature maps of famous battles burned into the wood.

The kick-off will be an event not only for die-hard Collins fans to come show their support, but for undecided voters to come and meet the candidate in person.

Although Collins did not follow the subtle psychological gaming advice of the Texas Citizen Journal’s editor to have his campaign kick-off party at Woodsons on 1488 (which after initially being redrawn into CD-02, apparently will still be in CD-08 after all, due to some last minute tweaks to the maps), Honor Cafe is certainly an appropriate venue for him to begin his new endeavor. What better way to put liberty and democracy in perspective and instill gratitude for our constitutional system of government than to be surrounded by reminders of those who in order to defend it, put all on the line.

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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