GOP Strategist Bob Coats Endorses Hullihan for Congress

Commentary: Robert Coats

I am endorsing my friend, Jonathan Hullihan, for Texas’ 8th Congressional seat being vacated. All of us who believe in limited government can find a reaffirmation of liberty in this patriot- that I can clearly see.

My gift is that I notice authenticity and integrity in others almost instantly. I meet my friend and his son at our local neighborhood church. He is quietly guiding his son through biblical passages. He smiles easily while showing his son some verses and his son listens because he knows how hard his dad works. I remember feeling that way also about my dad who would often be thousands of miles from home.

He has a weary heart and you would too if you were running for Congress in the swamp of money and power and lies being told about you. Instead of ignoring the lies, I know that he personally confronted people who were trying to tear down his service to our country with direct proof of his own service record and they actually apologized. He shook their hands. End of story.

Jonathan is reticent to tell people that he is even running for Congress in the church and he doesn’t bring politics into the sacred. I introduce him to my friends as church ends. He is more humble than he should be. He is actually going to another church after his home church to quietly make the rounds and not limit his attendance to just one church.

He exudes an honest earnestness and he actually answers the question asked of him and sometimes rarely he even says, “I feel like I have to study that much more than I have to give you the best answer.” He loves his country and he knows its secrets and has worked on some of the highest level national security issues you can imagine. He is only angry at times in minor flourishes during his stump speech because he means what he says. But he says with a wry smile on his face, “My wife tells me to calm down and take it easy.” He tries to keep promises to her and his kids. He has kept most of them because,”I still will always try to make them feel first on my priorities list. I am not going to forget that if i’m elected and my family is away…You get that, right Bob?” Then we both laugh, as if to say you know that sounded kind of dumb. Jonathan is a very funny guy.

He has less money on hand than his opponents. He will raise enough. He doesn’t play the Washington D.C. game very well of holding a hand out to key players and insiders only because that’s not who he is. He wants to win by championing a forgotten document that our schools have moved away from- our truly great Constitution. His name is Jonathan Hullihan. If this election were just solely about a horse race between which brand of millionaire donor metaphorical decaf coffee you get to choose from, you would get apathetic and vote less as Texans, not more. We need to lead from the right, not the mushy middle. Jonathan has the most knowledge and background to actually be your Congressmen- he won’t need to learn how to be your Congressmen like others in this race.

I speak the blunt truth objectively at times. If you think that was too strong of medicine, you might want to check your Texas card at the door. We don’t need just nice guys who others tell us to vote for. We need leaders on day one.He might be a little too good to be true to some very average people where we live who traffic in mere association. Can we remember a time where we aspired to believe that we were in fact electing patriots to deliver something better for ourselves and our children? Who didn’t need a massive amount of cash from lobbyists and donors. My hope is that we can.

As a lawyer and former Naval JAG Attorney, he fights for liberty everyday to keep people in their jobs because he believes that any employer or government mandate on your health is your choice, your liberty, never the governments, whether you are pro vaccine or not!

Jonathan Hullihan is the most qualified candidate in this race. He will not take a couple of terms to learn the job. His knowledge is deep on a vast array of foreign policy and economic issues that will affect us for decades and could be the difference in whether or not we regain our economic and moral standing in this world, or we slowly acquiesce to other nations and be under their control and under the cloak of the reemergence of communism because we want peace at all costs through the disastrous charade of foreign policy under Joe Biden.

We need a steady, strong, very good man to lead this congressional district into potentially dangerous times.We need an accomplished patriot because we cant afford to wait or train someone to be effective on his first day in Congress. There is only candidate who can accomplish this without question on his first day in office. Please vote for my friend and great patriot. Please vote for Jonathan Hullihan.

CD-08 candidate Jonathan Hullihan

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Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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