The Wisdom of Bubba T. Jones

Commentary: Bubba T. Jones

Hello errbody reading my scriblings!!! My name is BUBBA T. Jones and I get really tired of egg headed fellers trying to explain stuff about politics, my TAXES and why I voted down Incorporation of my TOWN –the Woodlands. 

Fer one, Bubba T. don’t like cities. TAXES are high. The people are HIGH. That She Jack lady down in Houston and her pal–the Dora the Explorer Judge are in love with TAXES. If the Township became a city, my TAXES would go up. I live out in Harpers Landing and my TAXES are already like New Jersey level high and i’m not in the sanitation field and my last name ain’t Soprano, if you know what I mean… 

In Texas, you really don’t own crap because of property TAXES and the shenanigans of the politicians BALONEY promises?… ADJUSTMENTS? I get those at my voodoo chiropractor out in Porter, and my bill always heads north like a dang YANKEE takin’ all of my MONEY!!!!..It always feels like when you are out in Cut and Shoot on bingo night and your lucky number is about to be called and some blue haired old lady wins who has never worked hard on a rig EVER wins?

This is the shell game–everybody claims THEY have THE ANSWER on TAXES. Nobody really delivers. Where do I turn for the answer?The answer is me, Bubba T. Jones.

It wasn’t politicians or groups who won or lost. It wasn’t Gordy Bunch verses that little feller who always gets new haircuts. I didn’t even know HOWARD HUGHES WAS STILL ALIVE!!!!I wanna see this old feller.I bet he don’t look like that DeCraprio feller. More like Methuselah…Who won? Bubba T. and Bob Milner…

I bought a car from old Bob and he is a swell feller and funny. He loves little fluffy white dogs. I know he favored incorporation, but hes a nice dude who also tried to get me to buy that super clear coat space age polymer coating on my new used one…I said no to him on that one and this one here election…My momma didn’t raise no dummies and I couldn’t tell who was LYING!!! So, I voted against the future and taxes and for friendship.I won as always. BUBBA T. JONES WON THIS WHOLE ENTIRE DANG ELECTION on Incorporation of the Woodlands, by voting against it and for Bob Milner to stay on the Woodlands TOWNSHIP. Most of my neighbors didn’t know what it would mean or what Incorporation really is? People kept saying vote for the status quo, and so I did.


P.S.Incorporation is a big word that most people don’t even know the meaning of. Oh, I said that already-I’m having a BIDEN moment. I don’t erase what I write because this is just a fancy typewriter…

Bubba T. Jones

Bubba T. Jones is a 17th generation pure-blooded Montgomery County resident. After a lifetime of working in the oil business, Jones retired and moved to the Harpers Landing subdivision in East Montgomery County, where he resides with his wife and three small dogs. He loves BBQ and BudLight. Jones used to have three favorite pastimes: noodling, playing the guitar, and complaining about his taxes. However, he now only has two pastimes.

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Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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