Paul Gosar Endorses Jonathan Hullihan in Texas’ 8th Congressional District

Attorney and former Navy JAG Jonathan Hullihan has received his second endorsement from a sitting member of Congress. At a recent Montgomery County Pachyderm Club Christmas party, Hullihan announced that Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is backing his campaign in Texas’ 8th Congressional District. Hullihan has also been endorsed by Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA).

Gosar is one of the furthest right members of Congress, and is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a group or approximately 40 of the most conservative congressmen. Gosar has been the center of controversy recently after tweeting an anime video depicting a cartoon version of himself beheading Congresswoman Alexandria Occasio Cortez (D-NY). The Democrat controlled lower responded with a mostly party line vote to censure Gosar and remove him from all committees.

According to Hullihan, support from the far-right Gosar sets him apart from the other candidates in the race for CD-08. “Hullihan continues to set himself apart as the only true conservative in the race for Texas’ 8th Congressional District,” said Hullihan’s campaign in a press release. “While other candidates in the race may dislike true constitutional conservatives, Hullihan fully embraces the support of Congressman Gosar.”

“Congressman Gosar is a true conservative leader in Washington who understands the importance of electing constitutional conservatives to office,” said Hullihan. “I thank him for supporting my campaign and I look forward to joining him in the House Freedom Caucus when I am elected to Congress.”

A native of East Montgomery County, Hullihan describes himself as a “conservative outsider”. He is a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, where he served in the Navy Judge Advocate General Corps. Hullihan has served as an advisor to SEAL teams and U.S. Navy Blue Angels. He faces a crowded field in the 2022 Republican Primary to replace retiring Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX).

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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