How Many Times Can Abbott Say “Donald J. Trump”?

Commentary: Reagan Reed

To be sure, there were some bizarre moments at the Conroe Trump rally. However, the most surreal moment had to be when Governor Greg Abbott took to the stage to deliver an embarrassingly genuflecting speech.

It’s no secret that many in MAGA-world are unhappy that Donald Trump has endorsed Abbott, who is facing multiple primary challengers from the right. The governor was even greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos from the audience upon taking the podium, revealing conflicting opinions regarding the incumbent among Trump’s faithful supporters.

Insults such as “traitor”, “RINO”, and “Abbott sucks” could be heard from the audience.

However, Abbott likely realized not everyone at the rally would be a fan, and apparently decided the only way to keep from getting booed was to make sure that he used the words “Donald J. Trump” in every single line of his speech.

“Donald J. Trump loves the great state of Texas and Texans love Donald J. Trump,” said Abbott. The governors speech was almost hypnotic, with Abbott speaking monotonously in short sentences reminiscent of what you would find in a second grade reader.

Almost every sentence contained at least one, “Donald J. Trump”. Not “Donald Trump”, but “Donald J. Trump”. The J is very important, you see, to disambiguate him from all the other Donald Trumps out there.

In fact, for those who were counting, Abbott said Trump’s name no less than 27 times during the approximately five minutes in which he spoke. Anyone who’s been to church knows at least one person who uses “Lord” or “Father” as a pad word during a public prayer, always dropping in a “Lord” or “Father” (or two) in every line when other words fail them. Abbott’s speech was a lot like one of those prayers.

We get it Abbott, you want us to know that you really like Donald J. Trump. But come on man, you’re the governor of the second largest state in the union and the 9th largest economy, not in the country, but in the world. Have some self respect!

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Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

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