Representative Steve Toth Files Gas Stove Bill


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Representative Steve Toth


Austin, TX – Today, State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) announced a preemptive legislative strike against the Biden Administration after its U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) floated the idea of banning gas stoves. Filed as House Bill 1414, the Home Range Defense Act prohibits state agencies from enforcing federal regulations against gas stoves.

CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. suggested the ban when he told Bloomberg, “this is a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

After the interview, Bloomberg reported, “A federal agency says a ban on gas stoves is on the table amid rising concern about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances.”

Rep. Toth’s HB 1414 taps into Texas’ power under Article X of the U.S. Constitution to block the Biden Administration from restricting citizens who cook with gas stoves. By introducing the Home Range Defense Act, Toth says he is declaring Texas to be a sanctuary state for seniors, chefs, hobbyist cooks, and parents who rely on gas stove technology to prepare their meals. 

Rep. Toth stated, “When the Biden Administration says they’re considering banning gas stoves, take them at their word. They are completely out of touch with the men and women who are struggling to feed their families right now because of the economic recession this administration has failed to stop. We have a message for any DC insider trying to stop us from using gas stoves, ‘Come and Take ‘Em!’”

Steve Toth is a small business owner representing South Montgomery County in the Texas House of Representatives. Representative Toth has been a contributor on American Family Radio, KTRH, ABC, CNN, Newsmax, OAN, and Fox News. 

For inquiries, please contact: Trent Williams (m) 254-935-0387 (e)

For bill language and photos, see Dropbox:

Published by Reagan Reed

Reagan is a journalist and educator from East Texas. He has been involved in numerous campaigns, worked at the Texas Legislature, and covered Texas politics for years as a journalist.

One thought on “Representative Steve Toth Files Gas Stove Bill

  1. One more reason to #TEXIT!!
    Re: Planks #33 and #225 of the Republican Party of Texas platform, and Survey USA Poll showing 66% of likely voters in Texas favor Texas Independence!!


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